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2621 Powerline Rd West,

Brantford, ON L0R 1T0

(519) 647-3073


Molly Bay Kennels is situated on 5 acres of beautiful country side.

We are on a quiet road nestled between trees and a large pond. There are trails for walking and with permission, dogs can go for a swim as well.  The kennels are clean and comfortable for guests that are fully insulated, air conditioned in the summer and heated during the winter.

Molly Bay Kennels is family owned and operated.  We live on the property, this ensures the best attention, care and safely for your pets. We have been life-long pet owners ourselves and know the importance of leaving your "other familiy members" with a kennel that cares.

Molly Bay Kennels was established in 1987, originally for breeding and raising Newfoundland dogs.  In 1991, the Edworthy's opened a brand new facility to care for all breeds of dogs, cats and small pets. Our busines model is based aon this family, friendly feel.  We promise to provide loving care and attention during your pet's stay with us.  

We are a medium sized dog boarding kennel with 28 individual indoor/outdoor runs. We have two sizes of kennels, one size for larger dogs and one size for medium and small dogs. Dogs are boarded in secure kennels which have an additional security perimeter fence with roofs.  Dogs may be boarded separately or together. 

Cats are boarded in a separate room with windows viewing the pond and the reception area.  We have small and large crates depending on your cat's needs. Felines may be boarded together or separtely, depending on your wishes. Personalized care is given to each of our guests.

Pets on medication, special diets and needs are always welcome.

Kennels Boarding Hamilton
Kennels Boarding Hamilton,

All pets must have current immunization.

  • A Veterinarian is on call 24/7, if yours is not available.
  • One toy and bedding may be brought from home for added comfort.
  • A pet bathing service is available so that your pet will be clean before going home.
  • There are many reasons why you may need to board your pet.

Vacations, emergencies (fire, flood etc), illness, home renovations, guests who do not appreciate pets, business trips, females in season to name a few.