Pets care for pawsitively

2621 Powerline Rd West,

Brantford, ON L0R 1T0

(519) 647-3073

Boarding Tips

  • Visit the Kennel before your vacation and tell us about your pet.
  • Let us know if your pet is afraid of thunder or has other conditions or needs that we should be aware of.
  • If your pet has never boarded before, consider a short stay prior to your vacation, or at least bring your pet to meet us and have a look around. Make your reservations early.
  • Most kennels are booked up on holidays and summer vacation.
  • Keep your pets immunization current.
  • Emergencies occur and if your pet is not up to date, we may not be able to board your pet.
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  • Make arrangements for special services, such as medication, bathing etc.
  • Please do not become emotional when leaving your pet.
  • We will take good care of him/her.
  • They will sense if you are upset and this will make them unnecessarily anxious.
  • We recommend that you supply your pet’s normal diet.
  • This will prevent any unplesant side effects.
  • DO NOT overfeed your pet prior to boarding.
  • Please check in during business hours.