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Brantford, ON L0R 1T0

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Cat Boarding in Hamilton

Do you need an accommodation for your cat? Visit MOLLYBAY KENNELS in Brantford, ON, for spacious cat boarding facilities.

Quality Care and Stay

At MOLLYBAY KENNELS, we take care of your cat’s needs, even if it is a minor one. We ensure that every pet handed to us is given care and attention.

We have individual rooms or crates for your feline friend. We also offer playtime twice a day in the comfortable room where they can explore every nook and corners.

For further details, visit us anytime of the week.

Your feline friend has a playtime twice a day

Cat Boarding Hamilton
Cat Boarding Brantford

Full-Service Cat Boarding

MOLLYBAY KENNELS provides special attention to cats of all breeds and ensures that they are given the care they need. We have a veterinarian available for any emergency.

Even if you have more than two cats, we provide large crates for them to stay in. Cats on medication and special diet are taken care of by our professional trainers.

Your pets are our responsibility.

Cats of all breeds are welcomed


Business Hours

  • Morning and Evening Drop Off and Pick Up Times
  • Everyday from Monday through Sunday
  • 8:00am - 9:30am and 5:30pm - 7:00pm
  • (There are no pick ups or drop offs on Christmas day)

We cater to most medical needs such as giving needles and pills. (This is an additional $2.00 charge per day.)

For more information about our rooms and prices,