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Dog Boarding Brantford

For the summer vacations, you are going abroad. You are looking for boarding kennels for your furry companion.

With your dog in our care, enjoy your vacation

When you go on vacation in another country, you are slightly more worried about leaving your pet behind. In fact you want your best friend to be in a safe place where it will be well cared for. This is possible at MOLLYBAY KENNELS, we are known for our excellent dog boarding facilities. Your dog will be walked daily and it will be able to run around. To make sure that it eats well during its stay, we advise that you supply its normal food. In order to ensure that it feels comfortable in this new environment, bring it along when you visit our facilities.

Please make sure your dog's immunization is up to date. For more information on our offers contact MOLLYBAY KENNELS. We serve the region of Brantford.